At Onsite Computer Services in New Orleans a topic of recent discussion is the use of Windows 7 Libraries and how they assist to organize and find a client’s files, in an effort to lessen their potential to lose important files. According to Microsoft, Libraries are intuitive and easy. Libraries can give them a convenient way to instantly organize their files without having to move the files. They can organize their files almost any way they like, whether the files are in different folders or on different systems.

Libraries attempt to address the problem of users’ content stored all over the PC, network, and Internet. Libraries are an integral part of the Windows Shell in Windows 7. Organizing and finding your files is quick and efficient with Libraries and the use of Window Search in Windows 7. Files in diverse locations are easy to locate (even when they reside in dissimilar folders or on diverse systems), and setting up Libraries allows you to quickly see sets of diverse files in a contiguous place. Onsite recommends reading Microsoft search tips for those who haven’t digested the material.

Microsoft has an online demonstration that will aid users in the process of creating comprehensive views of related files with Windows Libraries. The idea is to make files easy to find (even when they reside in different folders or on different systems). Setting up Libraries permits users to quickly see all of your files in one place. It also provides tips on how to use Window Search to find just the right file in your Libraries. Using Libraries informs Windows 7 where important data is. In many ways, a Library is similar to a folder. When users open a Library, they can see one or more files or folders. However, unlike a folder, a Library can display files that are stored in several different folders at the same time.

As one example a client of Onsite Computer Services in New Orleans utilizes libraries to remove the aggravation associated with back-up of data located in different folders or systems. Some may complain Windows 7 backup is basic and doesn’t offer compression; however Window 7 backup DOES backup libraries.

Windows 7 is promoted as being efficient and state-of-art. Onsite advises our clients to invest a few minutes to read the voluminous material regarding Libraries that is available on Microsoft’s sites. Many claim the use of Libraries will increase a user’s efficiency and productivity on the PC. What do you think?

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