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The Inevitable Windows 7

April 29, 2009

At Onsite Computer Services in New Orleans the ubiquitous topic du jour with the majority of our Microsoft business clients relates to the planned release of Windows 7.  Much to the chagrin of many of our clients, the weak economy and the compatibility issues associated with the upgrade to Windows Vista on existing XP/Small Business Server 2003 networks prevented their migration to Vista.  Now, with the planned end of Microsoft support of Windows XP, clients are faced with a certain upgrade at some time in the near future. Read the rest of this entry »

Onsite Computer Services in New Orleans regularly faces Microsoft business clients with concerns of converting from Windows XP to Windows 7. According to the complaints of many business users of XP, the lack of device drivers in Windows Vista will still exist in Windows 7. Read the rest of this entry »

At Onsite Computer Services in New Orleans, an important element of our services portfolio is disaster recovery for our clients with Microsoft based systems.  Disaster recovery with a Microsoft system should not be a disaster with proper planning and forethought.  Onsite Computer Services has seen the expressions on the faces of clients when we realize their backup of important, irreplaceable information, like business accounting or practice management data, is faulty. Read the rest of this entry »

One of the Microsoft business clients of Onsite Computer Services in New Orleans is a plastic surgeon whose growing practice involves storing voluminous amounts of patient information, including huge quantities of digital images.  As every entrepreneur knows a growing business is also faced with increasing expenses, and this includes IT expenses.  One of the fastest growing IT expenses is associated with data storage and backup. Read the rest of this entry »

Yesterday an 89 year-old Microsoft business client of Onsite Computer Services in New Orleans called for service of his recalcitrant PC.  While surfing the web, our client received a pop-up from MicroAntivirus declaring his system was infected with a virus and a ‘free’ virus scan would eliminate the problem.  The client authorized the ‘free’ Windows virus scan, and following the purported scan his system was crippled.  The open MicroAntivirus scan window would not respond to any keyboard or mouse input and dominated the desktop, preventing other programs from running. Read the rest of this entry »

Onsite Computer clients regularly inquire about Microsoft vs. Apple – generally after viewing a slick Apple marketing piece promising a computer that works because Apple provides the only TRUE end-to-end hardware and software computer solution. In the immortal words of Sigmund Solares, CEO of Intercosmos Publishing Group, “… the larger you get, the more targets on your head!” Microsoft provides ample evidence for this truism as Microsoft is locked into competitive battles with every technology offered in their product line. Read the rest of this entry »