Windows 7 and the Improved Recovery Environment

April 23, 2009

A Microsoft business computer that fails to start is one of the most challenging troubleshooting scenarios Onsite Computer Services in New Orleans face, and most frustrating to users—especially mobile users who are far from the support staff. If users can’t start Windows, they can’t access software troubleshooting tools to diagnose and resolve the problem. More important, they can’t give that important sales presentation or create that budget.

To help easily resolve startup problems, Windows Vista introduced two tools: the Windows Recovery Environment and the Startup Repair tool. Users or IT professionals can start Windows RE by booting a computer from the Windows Vista DVD. The tools included with Windows RE can often automatically fix startup problems, requiring no troubleshooting from the IT professional.

Although Windows RE can reduce the time required to repair a corrupted instance of Windows Vista, many users either don’t have the Windows Vista DVD available or they didn’t install Windows RE on a separate partition of the PC’s hard drive. Furthermore, Windows Vista did not include a straightforward way to install Windows RE. If remote users call the support center because Windows won’t start on their mobile computer, it would be extremely difficult for IT to resolve the issue. With proper planning, however, IT professionals can install Windows RE onto a partition on a computer’s hard disk, thus making it available without the Windows Vista DVD.

Like Windows Vista, Windows 7 includes Windows RE, including improved versions of the system recovery tools.  The most significant improvement is that Windows RE is automatically installed on the local hard disk as part of the Windows 7 setup, ensuring that the tools are available even if the Windows 7 DVD is not. Now, regardless of how Windows 7 is installed, users can be confident that Windows RE, and tools such as Startup Repair, are always available. Naturally, if the hard disk is not functioning, IT professionals can still start Windows RE from the Windows 7 DVD.

With Windows 7, if a remote user can’t start Windows, an IT professional can talk the user through the process of starting Windows RE from the computer’s hard disk. In such cases, the system recovery tools can often automatically resolve the problem without requiring any manual troubleshooting. Within minutes, the user will be able to start Windows 7.

These tools also allow users to start Windows RE from the Recovery Control Panel when they want to restore their systems from a system image backup or to factory condition. The Recovery Control Panel guides users through the process of backing up their local user files, restarting the computer to Windows RE, and launching the appropriate recovery application. The Recovery Control Panel is assessable from the Action Center, so Onsite Computer Services and support professionals can easily walk remote users through the process of restoring their computers over the phone.

If you’re searching for New Orleans computer service or repair of your Microsoft based system or network, then call the Microsoft specialists at 504-469-6991. Onsite Computer Services, Inc. in New Orleans

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This New Orleans On-Site Computer Service post was provided by Eli Lucas. Eli can be reached at Onsite Computer serves the Microsoft computing needs of small businesses throughout the Greater New Orleans area including Uptown, Lakeview, Broadmoor, Mid-City, Metairie, Jefferson, Kenner, Westbank, French Quarter, and the Warehouse District. Please visit our website for New Orleans Computer Service.


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