Windows 7 Troubleshooting Packs

April 17, 2009

Yesterday Onsite Computer Services in New Orleans received an email from a Microsoft client inquiring about Windows 7 built-in Windows Troubleshooting Packs that enable end-users to solve many common operating system problems on their own.  The Default Troubleshooting Packs in Windows 7 Include:

Aero –  Troubleshoot problems that prevent your computer from displaying Aero animations and effects.

Play Sound –  Troubleshoot problems that prevent your computer from playing sound.

Record Sound –  Troubleshoot problems that prevent your computer from recording sound.

Printer –  Troubleshoot problems that prevent you from using a printer

Performance –  Adjust settings in Windows that can help improve overall speed and performance

Maintenance –  Clean up unused files and shortcuts and perform other maintenance tasks

Power –  Adjust power settings to improve battery life and reduce power consumption

Homegroup Networking –  Troubleshoot problems that prevent you from viewing computer or shared files in a homegroup

Hardware and Device –   Troubleshoot problems with hardware and devices

Browse the Web –  Troubleshoot problems that prevent you from browsing the Web with Internet Explorer

Web browsing safely –  Adjust settings to improve browser safety in Internet Explorer

Windows Media Player Library –  Troubleshoot problems that prevent music and movies from being shown in the Windows Media Player Library

Windows Media Player Setting –   Reset Windows Media player back to default settings

Play a DVD in Windows Media Player –  Troubleshoot problems that prevent playing a DVD in Windows Media Player

Connection to a workplace using DirectAccess –  Connect to your workplace network over the Internet

Connection to a shared folder –  Access shared files and folders on other computers

Incoming connections to this computer –  Allow other computers to connect to your computer

Network adapter –  Troubleshoot Ethernet, wireless, or other network adapters

Internet connections –  Connect to the Internet or to a particular Web site

Program Compatibility Troubleshooter –  Troubleshoot a program that doesn’t work in this version of Windows

Troubleshooting Packs are designed to simplify troubleshooting for end-users and is initiated by users from the Help and Support Center or from the Action Center. Troubleshooting Packs can also be accessed from within applications, allowing organizations to design Windows 7 diagnostic tools as a feature of their line-of-business applications.

IT professionals can execute Troubleshooting Packs remotely and use Group Policy settings to restrict users to troubleshooting, but not fixing, PC troubles.  IT Professionals can run Troubleshooting Packs on a scheduled basis to automate maintenance like removing temporary files, checking a hard disk for errors, or verifying the system time.  Troubleshooting Packs speed repetitive diagnostic and testing procedures by operating from a command prompt or silently using a log file.  And last but not least, administrators can run Troubleshooting Packs locally from the desktop of a PC, or remotely from across the network of a business.

Onsite Computer is impressed with the user-friendly design of the new Troubleshooting Packs.  Some may contend things can change before the final release; however Troubleshooting Packs is a wonderful idea and should reduce the overall cost of ownership by reducing downtime and lost productivity of users, and reducing IT service expenses for simple tribulations.

If you’re searching for New Orleans computer service or repair of your Microsoft based system or network, then call the Microsoft specialists at 504-469-6991. Onsite Computer Services, Inc. in New Orleans

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