Microsoft Windows 7 Improvements for Solid State Drives

April 14, 2009

Onsite Computer Services in New Orleans received an email from a Microsoft business client regarding Solid State Drives (SSDs) and Microsoft Windows 7. One big consideration to running Windows on netbooks has to do with SSDs. SSDs require different treatment from normal, mechanical hard drives because SSDs are not efficient with small write and delete operations.

All the major storage firms are planning solid state products for release in 2009. As the price of memory continues to fall, building a primary storage medium of non-volatile memory chips becomes a cost effective substitute to magnetic/mechanical media like hard drives. SSD storage is the same type of flash memory as USB flash drives; however, SSDs are designed to fit industry standard shapes and sizes, and reside inside the computer replacing the hard drive.

SSDs do not have moving parts like traditional hard drives. The complete absence of moving parts provides significant advantages of SSDs over mechanical hard disks: less power consumption, faster data access, and increased reliability with no failure from moving parts damaged during an impact. The problem with SSDs is cost and capacities. SSDs are not a cost effective substitute for hard drives in the consumer market, yet.

In a conference abstract titled “Windows 7 Enhancements for Solid-State Drives,” Microsoft states that “PC systems that have solid-state drives are shipping in increasing volumes” and that Windows 7 has enhancements that take advantage of the latest updates to industry-standardized command sets, such as ATA.” In anticipation of the growth of SSD use by consumers, Microsoft Windows 7 recognizes SSDs and utilizes specific command sets to offer improved performance for SSDs running Microsoft Vista with better speed, access time and lower CPU usage.

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