Microsoft Vista Competes with IBM and Linux

August 7, 2008

At Onsite Computer Services in New Orleans we embrace the profundity of Sigmund Solares of Intercosmos Publishing Group, “… the bigger the firm, the more targets on their head.”  At Onsite, we also subscribe to the notion that competition in the marketplace is WONDERFUL for consumers.  Many will contend Microsoft, one of the biggest firms in our capitalistic society, has lots of targets and lots of competitors aiming at those targets.  One of the latest firms to aim their competitive arsenal at a Microsoft target, Vista, is IBM.

IBM’s strategy is to form a team with open source Linux distributors Red Hat, Novell, and Canonical.  The team’s objective is to design a Microsoft-free PC which incorporates a Linux operating system with a desktop productivity suite, and IBM’s Lotus Notes and Lotus Symphony.  The Linux operating system and IBM’s Lotus Symphony for email are free.  IBM contends the total cost of ownership of their system is 30% less than a Microsoft Vista system.  The planned release date for the IBM product is the first quarter of 2009.

This competition brings to mind business school discussions of Darwinism and win/lose zero-sum games vs. the mathematical discipline of Game Theory and the simple example of “The Prisoners Dilemma” in a win/win scenario. 

Some may contend Darwinian Theory implies self-centered behavior and eliminating competitors in any way possible is the only way to win.  If you aren’t a winner, you’re a loser.  The main tenet is survival of the strong and death of the weak makes the human race (or the capitalistic society) stronger.  Some may say Microsoft business strategy subscribes to Darwinian Theory.

Game theory and The Prisoner’s Dilemma involve the decision process when you are faced with a problem: is it best to betray your friends and save your own derriere, or is it best to cooperate and create with your friends to win over strength?  In this scenario of the battle to survive, individuals who collaborate with each other explode ahead of the self-centered Darwinians.

One of the overwhelming messages taught in business school is the notion of the win/win situation.  Nature and animals don’t follow the Darwinian Theory of win/lose.  Nature and animals follow a theory of win/win: where cooperation and creativity to reach common goals are the most powerful forces at work that lead to success.  Those who form teams and work to create against the strong are the ones who succeed. 

I don’t know if IBM considered Game theory and The Prisoner’s Dilemma when they decided to cooperate and create with open source partners and compete against one of the most powerful entities in the IT arena.  It will be interesting to note the outcome of this contest between Microsoft’s Darwinian model of win/lose through elimination of your competitors at any cost, and IBM’s model of win/win through cooperation and creativity with others to reach common goals.  Stay tuned – whatever happens, consumers will benefit.

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This New Orleans On-Site Computer Service post was provided by Eli Lucas. Eli can be reached at Onsite Computer serves the Microsoft computing needs of small businesses throughout the Greater New Orleans area including Uptown, Lakeview, Broadmoor, Mid-City, Metairie, Jefferson, Kenner, Westbank, French Quarter, and the Warehouse District. Please visit our website for New Orleans Computer Service.


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