Microsoft SBS 2003 and POP3 Connector – Continued!

July 15, 2008

Yesterday I was honored to receive a reply to an Onsite post regarding a temporary fix for a corrupted Microsoft SBS 2003 R2 POP3 connector.  The author of the reply is the >”DIVA” of SBS, Susan Bradley, CPA (AKA Ebitz).  Susan is a forensic consultant who pens articles on Patch Management for, and authors a blog about SBS called “The Ebitz SBS 2003 ‘Blog’.”  Susan’s expertise as a network administrator also qualifies her as an independant expert who earned the esteemed Microsoft MVP.  

I am grateful for Susan’s input on reinstallation of the SBS POP3 connector.  The text from her email follows.

According to Susan:

More info on how to reinstall the pop connector from the newsgroups:
. Please repair the POP3 connector on SBS first:
a. Run IMBREG.exe located in the ‘\Program files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Networking\Pop3’ folder to re-register the pop3 DLLs.
b. Restart the Microsoft Connector for POP3 Mailboxes Service and the SMTP virtual server (ESM \Servers \Server name \Protocols \SMTP Default SMTP Virtual Server.) c. Run iisreset from a command prompt.
2. If the connector still cannot work, we have to reinstall POP3 connector:
a. Rename the POP3 folder to POP3.old in the following location:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Networking
b. Use regedit, locate the “POP3 Connector” key in the following location:
c. Export the “POP3 Connector” key to the desktop as a backup. Delete the
“POP3 Connector” key and close the registry editor.
d. In Windows Explorer, show hidden and system files by going to “Tools”, “Folder Options” and “Views”, and unhide the hidden files, as well as the system files.
e. Search for and delete all SITxxxxx.tmp folders, you may use SIT*tmp as a wildcard.
f. Manually execute the POP3.MSI file from the SBS 2003 CD #3, \SBS\POP3 folder. This should show the “Preparing to install” and then some actual install progress going on.
If you get the error from step f, perform the following to reinstall Exchange over itself.
Go to Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, Select “Windows Small Business Server 2003” and select Change/Remove. This will enter into the Integrated Setup and the Component Selection screen. Select Networking and Exchange Server for “reinstall”.
3. Rerun the CEICW again to reconfigure POP3 connector.
a. Open Server Management.
b. Click To Do List.
c. Click Connect to the Internet.
d. Proceed to the “Firewall” page and select “Enable Firewall”.
e. On the “Services Configuration” page, make sure that “E-mail” service has been checked.
f. On the “Web Services Configuration” page, check the web services that you want to publish.
g. On the “Web Server Certificate” page, choose “Create a new Web server certificate” and key in your public domain name in the box.
h. On the “Internet E-mail” page, choose “Enable Internet e-mail”.
i. On the “E-mail Delivery Method” page, choose DNS (Use DNS to route
e-mail) or Smart Host (Forward all e-mail to e-mail server at your ISP) to route your email, If you select smart host, you need to input the IP address of your smart host.
j. If you’re using POP3 connector, please enable POP3 Connector.
k. Key in your e-mail domain name in “Email Domain Name” page.
l. Finish the wizard.

I will use Susan’s information and I am grateful for her valuable time and input.  Thanks Susan!

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