Data Corruption and Microsoft Networks – Onsite Experience

June 23, 2008

In our last post we discussed a new Onsite Computer client who experienced intermittent network connectivity causing data corruption.  Upon our initial cursory inspection, Onsite network engineers attributed the problems to an inexperienced installer and WiFi issues.  Upon further inspection, Onsite uncovered additional problems with the client’s Ethernet installation.

Following completion of Onsite’s recommended Ethernet and WiFi modifications, a limited amount of data corruption associated with intermittent network connectivity continued to plague our client.  Upon further troubleshooting, Onsite engineers identified an additional culprit of the intermittent network connectivity.  Apparently the initial Ethernet installation was completed by someone who was unaware of the different types of RJ-45s.

The initial Ethernet installation, composed of solid Cat5 Ethernet cable, included the use of RJ-45 connectors that were designed for braided cable.  Although the connectors for braided and solid cable resemble each other in appearance, the braided connectors are different than the solid connectors.  If you terminate solid Ethernet cable using braided RJ45 connectors, your connection may eventually fail. 

A component as small as the incorrect RJ45 connectors can often lead to network connectivity failure.  Our client suffered with data corruption for several years without a clue of the problem.  Is your network delivering its full capacity?  Do you suffer from chronic intermittent network connectivity?

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This New Orleans On-Site Computer Service post was provided by Eli Lucas. Eli can be reached at Onsite Computer serves the Microsoft computing needs of small businesses throughout the Greater New Orleans area including Uptown, Lakeview, Broadmoor, Mid-City, Metairie, Jefferson, Kenner, Westbank, French Quarter, and the Warehouse District. Please visit our website for New Orleans Computer Service.


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